Logistics Dashboard KPI

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Among Logistics KPIs, these are a selection of most relevant Logistics KPIs

This set is usually called a Logistics KPIs Dashboard or Logistics and Supply Chain KPIs Dashboard


The logistics dashboard allows a synthetic view of the activity.For more details, please feel free to consult all Free-Logistics.com © specifics KPIs sets :

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Description Key data Detailed calculation if needed
General data Turnover
Turnover at cost (without margin)
Number of Warehouses
No. of branches
Suppliers No. of suppliers
No. of suppliers accounting for 80% of purchases
% of no. of suppliers accounting for 80% of purchases
Products % of turnover product family 1
% of turnover product family 2
% of turnover product family …
Service level customer service rate (DIFOT) of studied unit = Nº of order lines received on time in period / order lines received during period number
KPI availability rates = Nº of product code in shortage / product code managed number
Flows % of total flow; flow 1 In case of various channel of distribution
% of total flow; flow 2 For example : through national warehouse, through cross-docking
% of total flow; flow 3 For example : through regional warehouse,
% of total flow; flow …. Direct to final client, direct to branches…
Replenishment flow inter branches % of repl. flow coming from other branches
Customer delivery on behalf of other branches % of delivery on behalf of other branches
Cross-docking – through stock Warehouse – Part of flow which is through stock
Warehouse – Part of flow which is cross-dock
Branch – Part of flow which is through stock
Branch – Part of flow which is cross-dock
Inventory Stock level Warehouse in €
Stock level branch in €
Stock level total in €
Days of total inventory
Shrinkage as % of stock sales (at cost)
Logistics network No. of Warehouses
Warehouse turnover
Warehouse Indoor surface
Warehouse Outdoor surface
No. of deliveries
No. of order lines delivered
No. of employees
Warehouse Costs Warehouse Turnover (at cost)
Personal (€)
Personal (%)
General costs (€)
General costs (%)
Equipment (€)
Equipment (%)
Rent (€)
Rent (%)
Others (€)
Others (%)
Total without transport (€)
Total without transport (%)
Transport Warehouse – branches (€)
Transport Warehouse – branches (%)
Total Transport included (€)
Total Transport included (%)
Rent / stock value
Personnel costs/ warehouse turnover
Logistics costs in branches Logistics personal (€)
Logistics equipment (€)
Rent of logistics surfaces (€)
Others (€)
Total (€)
Rent (logistics surfaces) / stock value
No. of logistics employees
Personnel costs / flow (at cost)
Downstream transport Total transport cost (€)
Internal transport cost (€)
Personal (€)
Equipment (trucks)
External transport cost (€)
Total transport cost as % of delivered sales
Annual number of deliveries (tons, volumes…)
No. of drivers
Average cost of a driver
No. of trucks
Reverse Logistics Total value of goods returned by clients (€)
Total value of goods returned to suppliers (€)
Total value of goods in warehouses (€)


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