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The 3PL contract has to define:

  • the logistics service
  • the kind of products handled and the extension conditions in the other products categories
  • the service's execution modalities and the operator responsibilities
  • the service capacity (of warehousing, transportation...) implemented and its extension conditions
  • the terms of Glossary Link stock management, inventory modalities and discrepancies imputation rules
  • the consumables management
  • the quality management and related bonus / malus system
  • the tariff and its revision conditions
  • the terms of payment
  • the access to information system and data protection conditions
  • the confidentiality
  • the force majeure
  • the modalities of contract follow-up
  • the insurances and responsibilities
  • the starting up and the duration
  • the renewal and termination conditions


It presents in appendix:

  • the price lists
  • the subcontracted processes description
  • the corresponding information system functional and technical description (WMS , TMS ...)


It will have to describe the conditions of back - up to insure the continuity of the activity (transmissions cut, electrical cut, strikes...).

It will foresee the conditions of withdrawal in case of non compliance with the fixed objectives ( Glossary Link service rate...).


To be flexible in case of future evolutions, it is wise to separate in various contracts:

  • the provision of surfaces and storing or transportation equipments
  • the logistics service
  • the IT service


This contract must be validated by the jurists of each party.


It is sensible to sign a letter of intent from the collaboration decision of taken. It allows to start the implementation project before the contract validation.


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